✅ Solution

What are we doing to solve these problems?
  • We design to provide access with a single mobile application or a single special link: For example, accessing the personal metaverse space by reading a special QR code.
  • It is available online for all devices and systems. (HTML5, web browser, webGL)
  • No setup required for login.
  • Loads fast and works right away
  • It does not require complex technical equipment. It can be used with mobile phones or tablets.
  • Simplified UI design. We dominate this subject because of the Hypercasual games we have developed.
  • Not a limited number of users. We include the Web2 user in the system. (With our special wallet system called TOONID, people who do not own NFT can also join the system.
  • Sustainable user acquisition, open user market as long as the system develops with unlimited number of users.
  • The target audience is web2 and web3 users
  • Customization processes in Metaverse have been simplified and presets have been prepared.
In 2021, the hypercasual genre ascended to new heights in terms of downloads, accounting for over 50 percent of total mobile game downloads.